My Experiences at City Tech

My experiences at City Tech has been great, but not perfect.I know that i can not change anything right away. I think im most good at adapting to different circumstances here. I know that it is important for me to work hard and pass my classes. Working towards my furture is my main concern. In order to complete my task, considering that the environment and the surroundings can improve and support peoples education.

Since I did not help build or incorporate any ideas into the process of the college i will not dwell on the fact that things at the college are not what i expected. But i will say that since i been here i have learned to cope with the environment. The elevators is an issue, but i can not fix it. This issue interfers with people’s education here at City Tech, because the eleveators are crowded to where people have to wait for the next one to come. It is very disappointing to me. I try not to complain instead i feel that it s better i smile, and then wait on the next elevator. Learning to adapt to the surroundings at City Tech have not been the best, but certainly not the worst niether.

Working hard to pass my classes is my main focus. I feel like as long as nothing is getting in my way of doing that, then i can manage. As long as i have the right mindset, that alone helps me stay focus. Another issue that may get in the way of my work ethic, is the computer room. There are limited computers, so when i have to print my work from there i have a hard time, why? because every available computer becomes unavailable. I found a way to fix that issue by trying to get there earlier to wait for a computer and actually use it.

Overall, i hope that every downfall here at City Tech changes for the better. I really hope that space for many oppurtunities become more open. City Tech is not bad but not all that good yet. I know there is a bright furture for a better college for students. Giving up will not help , but pushing foward will help with every issue that is incorporated with City Tech.

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