Gildaira’s Experience at City Tech

My experience at City Tech so far have been okay. Coming to college as a 16-year-old was very surprising to people, in general. Not having a long enough break from the transition of high school to college, it has been hard to adapt to the amount of work (assignments and homework’s) I’m given on a daily basis. The amount of work is incredibly different in college. At first, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with it, but I have. My grades aren’t the best, but I think I’m doing pretty descent for this to be my first year in college; I’m actually doing better than what I was expecting from myself. Everything is just completely different.

College has made me a more social, mature and responsible person. Social because I have to interact with so many people, from different cultures, on a daily basis. Mature because of the responsibilities I’ve been having to take care of, academically. These are things I’m still getting used to, but will soon be something common to me. So far, I’ve been enjoying this other part of just growing up as a person and as a student.

I also like the effort that I see personally notice in the professors when they’re teaching. I’ve noticed how hard they try for us students to have and receive a better education, and a better understanding of things, and even a better view of the world, in general. I just wish the amount of work we receive would be decreased just a bit (^_^). However, I believe the education offered here at City Tech is very well performed and benefiting. I also think the professors are dedicated and committed to what they do. So, what ultimately promotes my happiness/well-being at City Tech is the type of education I’m currently receiving. On the contrary, what doesn’t promote happiness for me is the fact that there’s no sports teams. I would of never thought I could attend school without being in a volleyball team, having something to do other than academic work.

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