High School to College

City Tech is a very diverse school in terms of culture. I think that is something that promotes happiness throughout the school because then you are able to meet new people from all over. I was very happy with the school once I first came here. When I explored the building for the open house last year, I noticed that it was an old school and coming from a school that was only built in 2006 was very different for me. It was kind of a bittersweet moment coming straight out of high school to college because it is totally different and you are honestly on your own. My high school didn’t prepare me at all for this experience. Anyways, coming back to City Tech, there was something about the college that made me feel at home and comfortable. Up to now I still can’t figure out what attracted my attention to this school but, it did and I am very happy with it. One class I really love is my HUS(human services) class because not only is the class itself very interesting and cool but, everyone in the class gets along really well. I love how we sit in a circle and just talk to each other before class. It reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies Freedom Writers. My grades so far are not where I want them to be yet but, I’m doing pretty well for a first time college student. City Tech has been a great experience thus far and I hope it only¬†continues to get better.

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