City Tech is a very interesting place. I sat down in the cafeteria and looked around. There is a large amount of diversity compared to my old high school. However, it is difficult to join groups that students divided themselves into. Every time I go to the cafeteria the group that I wish I was apart of is always there. They are always together in their laptops sharing and playing video games together. However I’m way too shy to approach and ask to join. I would seem like a creep, or very awkward. So I decided to be a “one man wolf pack,” which is very difficult.

Two of my friends from high school also attend City Tech, but I rarely see them. I found my way to the library and I saw how spacious and quite it was. I fell in love, people studying very hard, endless rows of books, and students catching up in their sleep before the next class. I thought to myself “YES! I will finally make friends here.” I sat down in a desk, and I stared at my desk for a few minutes. I felt very excited and I couldn’t believe that I was actually a college student. I then remembered why I came to the library in the first place. I had to make copies of a pages for my Sociology home work. I finally got the book from the front desk and little that I know, I would need to purchase a card to make copies. I got really upset and started to sweat, I thought to myself “I cannot start out my freshmen year by not doing home work”. I did not have cash on me so I went to the second level of the library and took a pictures of the pages I needed to make copies. My camera quality was the worst quality you can imagine. I emailed myself the pictures till I went home.

I finally printed out the pages for my homework but I saw was that my fingers were in the pictures. I felt very ridiculous. It was better than not turning anything in. I completed my home work, and the next day I got to class I turned it in with a large amount of embarrassment. The next class my sociology professor called my name and I jumped. She was just calling my name to hand back my homework. When I received it my heart dropped. She gave me a 75 out of 100 and said “This home work should be in better quality and you did not follow my orders so you are disobeying the professor’s tasks”. I was not letting this comment get to me. I will need to be more aware of options and take the opportunities that are being afford.

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