City Tech

So far my experiences at city tech have been great. I have transitioned well from high school to college being that i’ve adapted so well to having more free time to myself. In high school it was the same repetitive lifestyle seven days a week that just felt so stand still my mind moved at a slower pace. Now I strive to finish my homework as soon as I’m out of class so I have free time to do what I love. All of my experiences with the city tech staff have been great. Im learning to excel in areas i was once weak in. I am learning to become a better writer in ENG 1101, understanding algebraic thought better every day in MAT 1190 , becoming more of a professional every day in HUS 1101, and learning a whole lot about my self in BIO 1100. The security guards I’ve realized are all also very kind. One thing i believe that would improve the school the most would be to open all the exits and entrances. Making all doors open to the faculty and students would allow the entire city tech community to move through time and space faster. This might mean hiring more security guards, which would cost the school more money, but in the times we are living in there are people who need jobs like this. I believe hiring the right people for the jobs (guards who actually make the students feel secure in a school environment) will create very, very positive change for the school and will also allow the city tech community to positively develop faster. Another concern that is brought up very often is the speed of the elevators. I believe if you are going up stairs more than 3 floors… then by all means take the elevator. I’ve found that if you are going downstairs to any extent you should ALWAYS take the stairs. I find that walking down 10 floors after english class actually makes me feel like i have MORE energy than i did before i started walking down the stairs, mainly because it gets a persons heart pumping while gravity does all the work. So if everyone going downstairs took the stairs, everyone going up would have faster access to the elevators as well as many other positive experiences (i.e. less crowded elevators). This alone would allow the school to circulate ten fold faster than it ever did before. If you find you need exercise in your life- take the stairs up instead of the elevators, it will benefit your work ethic in ways you never imagined. Hustling up stairs to get class, working the physical body to gain knowledge in a class room. If you don’t like exercise, you may enjoy your class more because you get to sit down and take a physical break. This is just a few of my thoughts correlating to my experiences at city tech and I believe the positive possibilities for our college are infinite.

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