“Life Changes”

When I first arrived to City Tech I was so excited, I said to myself I can’t believe I’m in college. My first class was Human Service 1101 with Professor Dr. Justin Pawlukewicz. I notice that the desks are very small comparing it to high school. The walls are blank there is nothing that promote happiness in the class. All my classes give student syllabus. The syllabus is the work that we would be doing in class for the whole semester. So you already know what the professor expects from you.

The work in college is very hard is nothing like high school. You always have to be on track. No late homework is acceptable and you can’t make up for a test if you were absent that day of the test. You can only be absent 3 day per class, if you absent more you fail the class. College is no joke. I thought it would be fun but I was wrong.

It hard for me to manage time I work and go to school. My schedule is very busy I have no time for myself. Homework is due back to back for every class. The homework is very long plus you have to study. College don’t give you review sheet for a test you have to figure it out on your own. College teaches you have to be reasonable. Sometime I have to stay up late to do homework or to study for a test. I never had done that before it’s new to me. I sacrifice lot of my bed time for college. I won’t lie sometime I feel like dropping out. But I won’t, the harder you work the more successful you would be even though you have to sacrifice the stuff you like to do the most. In the long run it would pay off.

High school is easier comparing it to college. It true in college you get to make your own schedule but the work is hard. In high school the teacher motivate you to do better. They give you so many chances for you to improve. But in college you are on your own you barely get any chances. It’s your decision if you want to pass the class or not. Professors in college treat us like an adult not like teenage anymore. It’s a big change for me from high school to college.

The thing I have to work on is managing time, improving my writing skill and studying better to get higher test score. I want to succeed in life so I have to work hard. I not a little kid anymore I have to make adult decision. College is a decision; you don’t have to go to college if you don’t want to. My experience at City Tech make me think a lot about what I want for my future plus the sacrifice I have to make to be successful.

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