My Experience at City Tech so far

My experience at city tech has been pretty good so far. To Start off it takes me 2 hours to get there because i live in Long Island but that’s my fault because i decided go to school all the way in Brooklyn (lol). when i first walked in my main goal was to not act like a freshmen even though i am. i wanted to look like i knew what i was doing. my first impression of the school was that it was pretty big and its very colorful because each room has a different color column. The people at the school seem nice and it seems like everyone is friendly with each other. what i like about City tech is that the students can do their own thing and we run our schedule,( which can be good or bad for most people). and i also like that City tech has a place where students can interact with each other and socialize. But there are many things that city tech can improve on. for example the Elevators ARE A PAIN. all the elevators get so crowed and they are very slow, its so annoying. The bathroom needs alot of improvement. for instance many of the stalls get clogged, they’re smelly, and there is always a line. They also look very old. i also hate that there is always a line at the financial aid office. City tech should find a way to make the line go faster for example more staff or a faster system. The classes are small, kind of makes me feel like im in high school again but at least the teachers can pay more attention to us. the food at city tech is pretty good, there is a variety of food to chose from. but we should have more food like taco bell or wendys. i like that there are many clubs that kids can join at city tech. but sometimes  i am unaware because i don’t know when there are club meetings so i can have the opportunity to join a club. i know that people post flyers but i always past by them. i think that the school should have a P.A system where students can announce news and upcoming activities at city tech. I also wish City tech had sports teams so i can go to pep rally’s and things like that because those are fun but i understand that the school doesn’t budget for that.

though there are many things that city tech can improve on i think that city tech is a pretty good college and i hope to enjoy more the next three years. 🙂


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