H(app)athon and the location where happiness is most seen.

The H(app)athon measures the amount of happiness and well-being a person has in order to increase it over time. Now that technology has advance the H(app)athon’s mission is to “To utilize emerging technology to improve human well-being and drive positive social change.” http://happathon.wikispaces.com/Mission+Statement. The way they would like to make it very effective is for people to join and lead workshops and promote so that the app can be spread. The reason why this program exist is in order for everyone to measure their life and believe that their life is more valuable than money even though we need money to survive. There are happiness indicators to compare once self and it could signify to the person the national happiness they obtain. In the motherboard website I find it very interesting how people measured their happiness level through a post through twitter. The outcomes were that most individuals were happier in the location of famous parks like Central Park and places where many people could socialize a lot.

Another study that was found was that people were living not as happy in areas where there was a lot of cars traveling and areas that can be loud. Which makes sense no one is going to enjoy living next to a bridge that is filled with cars all the time with obnoxious honks. These happiness studies also show a very interesting factor for example in the http://hedonometer.org/index.html, shows the different days of the weeks and shows the ratings of happiness through out the week. I would of expected to see a lot of Fridays to be higher than any other weekday, however many stood the same and my hypothesis was incorrect. I would like to discuses why are weekdays and weekends have similar happiness levels according to the data?

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