Bitter Sweet

Although I have not been at city tech for that long, thus far my experience has been bitter sweet. Coming straight from high school into college has been a bit over whelming for me. I have made plenty of friends in a short amount of time, but I miss my best friends dearly. One of them is in the Marines, while the other is away at school. I have other friends who are in New York City, but none of them know me as well as those two. Which can sometimes make me feel isolated.

People always told me to go to college and I did. Not exactly because I wanted to but because I knew that in order to be someone who was respected and known; I needed a degree. What I soon realized was how unprepared i was academically. High school is far more easier than college. The work and skills that I received in high school did not really prepare me for what college was going to be like.

While in high school all that I did was write papers and take a test every once in a while.  Due to this I have the most difficulty with studying because I don’t really know how to and organizing my ideas when it comes to writing my papers. Luckily, for me I have teachers who are willing to sit with me and talk to me about how to find way to work through these struggles. I really appreciate that because when I was in high school I was always told that once you get to college you’re on you’re own. Which in many ways I agree with and disagree with, it’s a matter of going and finding the help or assistance that you need because it is available.

It’s like in the blink of an eye you’re an adult. Between working and going to school I’m so busy. I really have to make sure that I prioritize when it comes to my time. I often find myself spending all of my time in the library when I am not in class. As I go along I am in charge of my own education and making sure that my responsibilities get taken care of. I just wish that sometimes I had someone in school that I knew of and can go to who can help me with my organization.

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