” What brings Happiness”

In the city Somerville they are using a smart phone to promote happiness. According to Jarret Bencks “Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone said in a statement. “ But I know that the data will help us run the City as much as it will help resident find resources that they might not know about otherwise.” The mayor of Somerville what to promote happiness so he using a app that is call The H(app)athon Project. With this app Somerville would be rate the best city in the world because they know how to make people happy. I think this app is a good idea they should start caring about what would make people happy. Somerville really care about people happiness I respect that, other city should do the something.

Brian Merchant talks about the happiest and the saddest place in New York City. According to Merchant “And you would never guess what the happiest place in New York City is Time Square Yeah, Time Square. The report notes bluntly that sentiment progressively improves with proximity to Time Square.” It true Time Square promote lot of happiness. You always see all kind of different people, light are everywhere in Time Square. They sell all kind of different food. It’s a nice place to hang out with friends and family. They say that Time Square is the heart of New York City. The saddest place in New York City is Maspeth Creek in Brooklyn. According to Merchant “ Which brings us to the saddest place in New York, which again, you’d never guess. It’s Maspeth Creek, Brooklyn. It not unhappy because its poor it’s unhappy because it’s one of the most polluted place in the city.” I know nobody would like to live in an unhealthy place. Maspeth Creek have spilled oil everywhere and toxic. It not a safe place at all. That the reason it rated as the saddest place in New York because no one wants to live there. It needs some cleaning. When Maspeth Creek is clean you would see a change.


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