Reminder: readings + Happiness Archive due for Thursday’s (10/31) class

Hi Everyone:

Just a friendly reminder (since I see that no one yet has posted the blog due tomorrow) that, as we discussed in class, for tomorrow you are supposed to read the four things on the schedule for 10/31 (a mixture of short articles and websites that you should browse) and then post your next Happiness Archive (#6) in response.

Make sure to print out the two articles and bring them to class with you.

You do not have to bring in any pre-drafts of Essay #4 for tomorrow (though, of course, I encourage you to keep working on the drafts on your own). Since we agreed to push the readings back to Thursday, we did the pre-draft work together in class yesterday. Your next thing due with Essay #4 is the complete first draft, which is due this coming Tuesday (11/5).

See you tomorrow morning for Halloween! Treats & costumes welcome in class 🙂

Professor Belli

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