oh happy day !

Imagine a phone app that can bring happiness! The citizens of Smartville city serve as a Guinea pig for this new project that’s main goal is to promote happiness. Previous before this creative idea ,  “Somerville distributed happiness surveys to residents and compiled the data into a “Report on Wellbeing,” which has been used to steer policy in the city” this city is indeed ambitious to promote happiness to their residents. The h(app)ton project has created a app that’s has made something so hard to obtain so simple. After one  survey, a person is matched up to a hobby or interest of theirs.. So in simpler terms  their “identifying where people already find meaning in their lives to help connect them to ways to get happier while helping others.”

While others of focusing on what makes people happy brian Merchant discusses New York City  and where the happiest and the saddest place in.  you’ll never believe the happiest place in New York City is Time Square. An area filled with tourist different ethnicities traffic loud noise and busy intersections is the happiest place in new york. Maspeth Creek in Brooklyn is noted to be the saddest place in new york. According to the article “It’s not unhappy because it’s poor—it’s unhappy because it’s one of the most polluted places in the city. “While it’s geographic features are unremarkable, this area is one of the most polluted urban water bodies in the country,” the report notes. There was a massive oil spill in Maspeth years ago—one of the biggest in American history—and it’s still getting cleaned up. The cleanup process releases a foul stench, and the toxic nature of the spilled oil may have adverse impacts on the community’s health. And they hate it. It’s the least happy place in all of New York because of it.


I personally believe that once it is taking care of in the right manner then it can bring hope and happiness to its citizens

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