Joy to the world.

Residents of Somerville are coming together with an organization geared towards happiness. Their goal is to create and app that will help increase a persons happiness. The way that it works is people are given a survey which asks what makes them happy. They are then matched with activities to do that will help increase their happiness. This app will be of use to the residents of Somerville because it can help bring more joy to people. Aside from bringing more joy to people, residents hope that other people will hear about their results and use the app to help increase happiness in their cities.

Others are keeping their eyes open for things that make people happy in New York City. Researchers at the New England Complex¬†are in the words of coming¬†up with a mathematical way to map peoples happiness using their tweets on twitter. In the hopes of soon being able to create a map that will show people’s happiness through all of the five boroughs. They are looking for places which seem to make people happy. So far they have found that people seem to be happier in places such a central park, rather than in the subway. People seem to be happy in open spaces, opposed to dreadful dark crowded places.

It has been shown that people who live in poorer neighborhoods tend to be more angry than those who live in wealthy places based off of their tweets. So then the question that comes into play is how can you make everyone happy? A lot of people are doing research and giving surveys in the hopes they will find what makes people happy and creating more of it. In fact there was a survey taken that shows the day that people are the happiest is on Christmas. I think we all know why that is. We as humans like things that make us happy like clean parks and holidays spent with our family. Researchers hope to find other things that make people happy and create more of it.

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