Happiness apps and Big Data

As the years are passing more technology appears with new things until the point of creating a smart phone application that is based on recording your happiness by taking a survey and giving ideas of how to be happier. The H(app) athon project is a group that is creating an application with the goal of helping people to find their happiness and to do more enjoyable things.  First, they make people take a survey and based on those answers the application uses the information to match people with activities or programs that might create joy on them. According to the article, Somerville is serving as the pilot community for this program which makes this even more interesting because we know that Somerville is always finding ways to help their residents and their happiness. “It’s an ambitious idea” said Somerville mayor.  Well this quote leads up to different perspectives of how to analyze this idea. Probably this application will not be free, meaning that people will have to pay for it. As we know Somerville is a direct source of this program. Even though they are doing this in order to help people with their happiness, they may also be doing this to gain money for that app and use it to create more things on the town that could make their residents happy. Isn’t great to have an application which could know what makes you happy and give you suggestions about enjoyable activities?

On the other hand, another article’s purpose is to inform us about the New York places that make people happier and the ones that make them unhappy based on twitter status. “We find that public mood is generally highest in public parks and lowest at transportation hubs, and locate other areas of strong sentiment such as cemeteries, medical centers, a jail, and a sewage facility,” the report notes. Are you wondering why a simple park makes people happier than other places? Well, the answer is very simple; parks used to be a place where people can have the opportunity of forgetting about their routine and only concentration the natural view that the park is giving to them. But why aren’t we happy with places like a train station when we know that it takes us to our place where we can grow up as professionals and success like our job? Well probably is because some people are tired of the same routine every day and been on a train station reminds them on how their day will be while being on the park the only thing they think about is enjoying the time without stressing.

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