Happiness apps and big data

Somerville is working together with an organization in order to work on an app for happiness. The app can find out the happiness of the user. This app begins with the user taking a survey and based on those results the app will suggest activities, organizations etc. in order to improve or increase their happiness. I doubt this app will do much to increase someone’s happiness but based on how much technology is now used now a days a person never knows.

As for Brian Merchant, he used twitter to do his research on the happiest and saddest places in New York City. Times square seems to be the happiest place in NYC and that is believed to be true due to the beautiful sightings and places to shop or eat in. Maspeth Creek would be the saddest place in New York City due to the oil spill it had years back, it is the most polluted water body. Beautiful areas such as parks are known to be the happiest places and transportation areas to be the saddest ones based on the research. All of this information in this article is accurate because it is based on the tweets tweeted on twitter by the citizens of New York.

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