Happiness across the globe

In the town Somerville, the h(app)athon project are creating an app that is suppose to increase happiness of individuals. they started it off by giving surveys to resident to get an idea on what the person likes. After getting to know what the resident like, the app will give resources based on the things the resident likes. This is not a bad idea but the internet is full of things that can make people happy. i’m thinking the app will help residents to find things that they couldn’t and it is something that they would really like.

New York city is not the happiest place to live especially in this economy. there are happy and sad places in new york. based on tweets Most of lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and queens seem to be the saddest place in new york. people get outrage quickly especially in the city wheres there is traffic everywhere at all time. the happy places in the city are mostly  parks, people go to parks to relax and enjoy them selves.

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