An App For Happiness and An Obvious Research

The H(app)athon Project, an app, set to release March 2014, is being developed to increase a person’s happiness and well-being. The app will take the information from a person, via data and a survey, and connect them to activities, organizations and services. The people of Somerville, MA, serve as a pilot community for the app. City officials see this new app as something that can bring out new ideas. The app will also be able to provide real-time happiness data from around the world, making it monitored by officials.

This app sounds like a really interesting idea that can be put forth for people. The app sounds like it can be able to provide for more for people, since there are many events that go unheard because the advertising for these go unheard. For people who know of this app, expectations for is should be really high, so this app should reach these expectations.

Researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute are trying to pinpoint New York City’s happiness geographically by using Twitter. Based on the mood given off by the tweets of New Yorkers, researchers will be able to show  where the happiest of the sites are. The results were very obvious, parks and high tourist areas were very happy, while transportation hubs, cemeteries and medical centers were very low in enthusiasm.

The findings to this “research” is very obvious. The analyzing of tweets is not even necessary. Anyone who lives here in New York would know that anywhere around the Holland Tunnel, JFK airport and Penn Station can be a hassle t be around, it causes stress and leads to unhappiness. This is really obvious because not everything goes as planned. Traffic, trains running with delays and flights being cancelled cannot bring happiness to anyone, unless one is trying to avoid getting home.  Central Park will obviously be a happy place in the city because it’s very peaceful and an attraction for anyone in the city. There is always something to do or see every time you get there.

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