In Somerville, they are teaming up with an organization to monitor their happiness. Somerville will serve as a pilot for this project, The H (app) athon Project. This app first starts off asking questions and once you get that down, it starts to show you places that’ll better suit their happiness. The Mayor states, “It’s an ambitious idea…it will help residents find resources that they might not know otherwise.” They used the survey that Somerville had done in 2011, and with it, a date was formed to create report on wellbeing that helps give information for policy in the city.

New York, starts off complimenting us and then putting us down, great way to start off in an article. Their goal is to find happiness in a geographical way. They notice that people that live next to airports or train stations are not tend to be happy. They are always in rage with the fact that there is so much noise all around them. Even thought there isn’t much happiness in those particular areas, there are still other places that bring happiness to New Yorkers, such as New York Botanical Garden, Red Hood Park, Central Park and many, many more.

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