The Quantified Self

So in Somerville, a happiness survey will be turning into the H(app)athon app. An app to help residents find resources that will boost their happiness levels. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone thinks that the data will help him to run the city better than it is running right now. I think that this idea isn’t the brightest of the bunch because now we have to use technology to find our happiness. It seems pretty cool but, I don’t think it will really find peoples happiness. I think the old school way of finding your happiness works pretty well, do what you like to do most and bring out your happiness.

We all know New York is the happiest place in the world aside from Disney World, obviously but, where are the happiest spots in New York? Well I can tell you the happiness moods are lowest at Penn Station, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc. Basically all local transportation areas are the saddest places in New York, people hate lines, crowds and congestion. But the most happiest places with no surprise are all parks and the New York Botanical Garden. Prospect Park, Highland Park and of course Central Park, along with others, are the happiest places in New York. But the happiest place to be in New York is not Central Park but, it is Times Square. Who would’ve thought the most congested place whether it be day or night would be the most happiest place in New York.

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