Quantified Self H(app)athon; The Happiest and Saddest Places In New York City According to Twitter

      Every one would love to be happy where they live and everywhere they are, but that is not always the case. It is really disgusting and not fair that  people have to live in places that have a horribe environment. The best places to live nearby is the city parks, the environment is much better. The H(app)athon app is a good way for people to keep up with their happiness. Any persons that are able to understand what makes them happy or unhappy is the best way to balance their way of living.

Would any one like to live in a polluted environment with disgusting garbage or see unpleasant stuff on the street? The answer is no. According to ” The happiest and saddest places in New York City, According to twitter”  it is a true statement people that are surrounded by unpleasant areas are unhappy, it states “we find that public mood is generally highest in public parks and lowest at transportation hubs, and locate other areas of strong sentiment such as cemetries, medical centers, a jail, and a sewage facility.” (Para 6) Here it shows that based on the environment will explain why people on twitter living around it will post about unhappiness rather than being blissful.

City parks are beautiful and clean people love to take a walk in a park such as Central park, it is apart of making people smile. Based on the article “Happiest and saddest places in New York City, According to twitter” city parks are what makes people more happy based on tweets who live in these areas, it explains ” happiest parks in the city, according to complex systems theorists. A1. Central park A2. New York Botanical Garden………there seems to be no better argument for city planners not to skimp on the urban green spaces than this. People love parks!.”( Para 8-9) This explains people happiness based on the environment and how city parks are apart of people happiness depending on the area they live in.

Knowing what makes one self happy is very important and a good way to keep track of it. According to the H(app)athon app for iphones, which basically allows people to discover their personal happiness through a survey.Here it states “the things you do and say focused on well-being, meaning, purpose, and action.” (Para 1) This showing that the H(app)athon allows people to understand a good way to keep a balance of their happiness and what they behaviors are on a everyday basis. It is important for people to maintain the balance and have a good understanding to have a healthy mental and behavior process in life.

Overall, The environment and understanding one self, is based on the balance of a person happiness. The environment interfers with people happiness. Whether it is good or bad it still have an  impact on a person. In addition to that, understanding of one self as far as happiness goes is very important in a way to balance between what makes one self unhappy and happy on a daily basis. It is important to balance between the two because people rather live happy than to live miserable lives.

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