Quantified Self

Wouldn’t living in the happiest place be so amazing? Or at least living somewhere that made just you or your surroundings more happy to actually live there. There’s an app that will test your happiness? Yup! In Somerville there will be an app being made for the people of Somerville to see just how happy they are and what brings them happiness. The app is displayed as a survey at first then after the survey it will link each individual to specific programs or services offered around the area to see if it could bring along more happiness. “But I know that the data will help us run the City as much as it will help residents find resources that they might not know about otherwise.” Basically the plan for this app is to try and see what the residents believe their happiness is and to see if the city has anything in store to provide for the residents. If possible the app will tell the resident about places to go to, it is a very useful app.
What would you say is the most happiest and unhappiest place in NYC? Happiest place probably Central Park, but however according to The Happiest and Saddest Places in New York City According to Twitter Time Square 42nd Street is actually the happiest place in the city. Looks like tweeters actually like spending more time in the the main part of the city. Although the more poor places in the city are tweeted bad about not every main street is tweeted good about also. Main check points such as East Harlem 125th street around where I live is considered one of the unhappiest places in NYC. If i do say so myself I do not like going around there, just is not a very welcoming environment. Of course we may ask what is the most unhappiest place in the city and according to the article that place is called Maspeth Creek, Brooklyn. A place that i have never heard of. It is truly amazing for the city to where people are happy and judge it by their tweets. Gets a good sense of why people are mad or where people don’t like the environment.

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