Quantified self

Personally at this point I believe we can all agree that happiness or contentedness comes from within, especially after reading “The happiness project”. I see the key to being happy in todays world is simply understanding how to be content when things aren’t going great, and how to spread the love when you are truly happy. Giving my change to people on the street that appreciate it greatly makes me feel happy because i know what goes around comes around. If anyone truly wants to feel good about life I suggest they find themselves, and by that i mean understanding your thoughts, feelings, and then interpreting how you should positively express them instinctively. So when you’re sad, learn to be content. When you’re happy, learn how to pass it around and it will inevitably come back around to you because we live in a friendly universe (Says “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne). People shouldn’t feel hedonistic, in todays world true pleasure will find you, chasing it will only make it farther from you. Using a program like the H(app)athon may work to maximize some peoples happiness for the time being. I think whats most important in response to these passages is that as humans we have free will, which means we can choose to think/feel/live however we want. So I wouldn’t chase happiness, I would study knowledge of self to alter your perception of life in ways that can make you feel more content about living when you’re not happy. Also accept the fact that no one can deny your thoughts or feelings, If you have strong feelings about something express it, don’t just say it. Being happy all the time isn’t healthy anyways! High levels of dopamine often cause schizophrenia later on in life, so when you’re down consider yourself blessed.

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