Steven’s Commandments.

1. Love the things you do.

2. Never dwell on the past.

3. Keep your options open.

4. Don’t accept things right away.

5. Question everything.

6. Don’t walk away, even if it pains you to walk through it.

7. Look at the glass half full, not half empty.

8. Don’t blame others for your mistakes.

9. Fall in love with a women who’s willing to meet you half way.

10. Listen to reason.

11. Make choices that you’re able to live with.

12. Don’t eat the yellow snow.

13. Don’t change those you love.

14. You can only change yourself.

15. Be professional.


2 thoughts on “Steven’s Commandments.

  1. Besides the good advice of not eating yellow snow (LOL) I was pleased to see your thoughts of not changing those you love. As humans we naturally want to change others, so WE don’t have to tolerate our feelings about them and their humanness. In our profession it is thought that we change people. You now know this is not our goal. If it is then we will be frustrated when client’s don’t do what we think is right and our way of doing the task. If we present ourselves in this manner client’s will not want to return to us. They will only view us as highlighting their dysfunction, rather than supporting any of their efforts. They realize their well-being is compromised, why else would they walk into an agency(?) Changing though can be difficult and as they say in our profession: “meet the client where they are at’…it’s the same with those in our personal lives. PS. I also loved the idea about finding a partner who will meet you half way. Good advice for you too….

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