Gildaira’s Commandments

1. Always be myself
2. Always set my goals high
3. No regrets, lessons learned
4. Never give up easily, be persistent
5. Accept/face challenges
6. Respect
7. Enjoy life, every second of it
8. Don’t live/focus on the past
9. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted
10. Surround myself with positive influences
11. Work hard to achieve every goal
12. Take physical and social care of myself
13. Focus on my well-being and happiness

1 thought on “Gildaira’s Commandments

  1. I especially liked #3 ‘No regrets, lessons learned’
    This can be true with the clients we may encounter in terms of having them look at things they have learned. in addictions when one uses the drug, after a period of abstinence, the therapist presents it to the client as a prolapse…not a relapse. Pro, meaning let’s figure out going forward what you need to do in order to not relapse. Also, in our profession, a crisis is considered a great time for re-evaluation and possible change-action. Both are lessons learned, without ‘beating’ oneself up for being human or making mistakes.

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