Eunice’s 10 Commandments

1. Don’t procrastinate

2. Respect myself and others

3. Take all given opportunities

4. Don’t stress on a single thing for too long

5. Stay focused on a set goal

6. Keep my promises

7. Improve ASL

8. Work hard

9.  Enjoy life as much as possible in the moment

10. Stay Eunice

1 thought on “Eunice’s 10 Commandments

  1. Keep my promises. Yes. Don’t say/commit to things you cannot do. Otherwise your own sense of well-being is compromised. Often you may work with clients who don’t keep their promises. This then impacts their work ethic, family, relationships etc., where they cannot be depended on. Our clients may know this about themselves and still fail to deliver. They then bum themselves out or rationalize (self-lie) to others to ‘save face’. We then can ask why do they set themselves up to ‘hurt’ their sense of well-being(?) Insight with action is just that, insight, but no action. And happiness is then sooooo far away.

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