Alex’s 8 Commandments

1. Always love your mother, no matter the circumstances.

2. Try to respect the people you encounter.

3. Choose the people you want to be close with wisely.

4. Always look forward in life.

5. Stray away from the bad influences in your life.

6. Try not to lie, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

7. Prioritizing is essential in life.

8. Always be aware.

1 thought on “Alex’s 8 Commandments

  1. Priorities are so important for well-being. It is the start of balance. We just sometimes need to know if a priority is for our own sense, over others…or things that we committed to, or not. This happens with ethics in our profession. Our priority has to be the client, not our own needs. So, put away that drink, phone etc. when you are in session with a client. It is their time, 100% and never yours.

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