1 thought on “Seven Commandments to AdultHood

  1. Support your parents. in our profession we learn that many cultures have this guideline. Family is important, especially elders and those that have supported us. You note that there should be a balance of how much one helps their parents. In some cultures there is no balance and it is expected that family take care of each other in every way, all the time. Otherwise the family relationships will not be well-balanced. Then again, with immigrant parents maintaining their cultural norms, and their children becoming “Americanized” the child can have a conflict of where their identity lies. In the home they are the culture, outside they are the ‘other’….(sometimes secretly). How does one ‘bust’ out and be who they are/want to be? Or can they be both and feel well-balanced? Happiness can be impacted if one does not figure out who they are, what is best for them-even if it means adhering more to the culture to keep the family peace. We must respect the notion that clients may not always need to ‘bust’ out to be happy. Our cultural sensitivity and competency (ethics!) must be present, so we are there for the client-no matter what they decide.

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