Nahid’s 9 commandments of adulthood

1. Have someone special that will always be there for you

2. Work

3.Lay back and enjoy life

4.Stay in college

4.Spend time with family and close friends

5. Have money to buy things for yourself

6. Eat anything you like

7. Help someone when they’re in need

8. Be caring

9.Donate money once a month to charity at your local mosque

1 thought on “Nahid’s 9 commandments of adulthood

  1. Have money to buy things for yourself is the concept of self-sufficiency we learned in class. Depend on yourself. Try not to rely on others for economic stability. Work hard, earn money, purchase what you need and a treat every once in a while. Sometimes our clients are not self-sufficient. They either have not learned the skills, or have some kind of mental illness, or developmental disability, or physical that prevents them from being self-sufficient. This is the time we enter to aid in what parts they might still be self-sufficient. It could be a referral to a place that can provide a new service for them. Or perhaps their inability to be self-sufficient makes them eligible for services they once did not need.

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