Happiness Project

According to ” The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. The view in the happiness project is related o real life stories and how people live on a day to day bases. Rubin story on how she was successful and lost every thing, such as her happiness really bothered her. She decided to take steps in her life to regain her happiness that she lost. She also felt like she was not appreciating what she had. Instead of giving up she kept moving forward by planning on her next step. I think that her memories pushed her more to make a better life for herself. She also feels confident that each and every day she set her mind to making a change in her life. She explains that she was curious of the cause of everything, and how she lost her happiness. Once she figured out how she lost her happiness, she need to know how to get it back. Knowing that it will not be easy to do so , she sill put effort and did not give up.Each and every day she want to achieve a goal or set a goal to look forward to. She take each day at a time to make progress.

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