The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin, starts off the story by explaining herself here in the book, as a simple person with much in her life. Later on in life she starts to question a certain idea, is she letting everything pass her by (?) She wants to feel grateful for her everyday life, but she cant seem to grasp it inside that bus. She saids that she didn’t want to look back and tell herself that a certain time in her life she was happy without her realizing it. She wanted to be grateful now before it’s too late. So she made a Happiness Project but before she did she had ideas of her self. Cut lose around her life but be series. Changed herself but yet accept herself for who she is, she is in a conflict with herself. She goes in searching for big names just like the author from The Secret goes and search for, and that is how people lived their lives. How these famous people achieved happiness. She tries and educate herself all through out this journey she has made herself. She wants to try and achieve this happiness by putting in the time and effort in the Happiness Project.

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