The happiness project

The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin was very similar to the Secret by Rhonda Byrne because they both talk about how to obtain happiness by applying different methods and strategies. Rubin was a successful woman who worked with the law, she had a spouse who she loves very much and two daughters the oldest was 7 years old and the youngest one was 2 years old. One day Rubin started thinking about strategies of how to be happier and have a better life style; she wasn’t depressed or ungrateful with her life, she just wanted to experience a new life style with new things and new attitudes. On page 2 from the book Rubin said “I had everything I could possibly want-yet I was failing to appreciate.” As we can see on this quote Rubin knew that her life was complete and that she had a complete happiness that a woman like her could ask. However in some of the occasions she didn’t knew how to appreciate and give a corresponding value to everything that she had, that’s why she began a research about finding different ways of being happy and satisfied with her own life. After all the research that he did about happiness she decided to concentrate on one topic each month. For example in February her central point was going to be her marriage, meaning that she was going to try her best to get a better relationship with her husband Jamie. She also wrote a list if secrets of adulthood that were important lessons that she learned and that could serve her as a material in order to find a better lifestyle.

I think that Rubin strategy to find a better lifestyle and make it better was a good choice because she wasn’t influenced by any type of material that suggest different ways of finding happiness like the secret, instead she found her own strategy and what best works for her.  It is important to say that Rubin didn’t wanted to change herself or the people around her; the only thing that she was trying to find was a better way of dealing with life and strategies of how to appreciate what she had in life.

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