” The Happiness Project”

The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin is about Rubin, she want to find out what makes people happy. So Rubin is planning to create a happiness project to find out what is the real meaning of happiness. According to Rubin (p9) “Research had taught me that most important element to happiness is social bonds, so I resolved to tackle “Marriage”, “Parenthood”, and “Friends.” Rubin think that marriage, parenthood and friends is the main value of life. That what makes a person happy because they are the most important thing they care about. That what research  has shown. According to Rubin (p6) ” In law school. we’d spent an entire semester discussing the meaning of a “contract” and as I dug into my happiness research, this training kicked in. In scholarship, there is merit in defining term precisely, and one positive psychology study identified fifteen different academic definition of happiness.” Rubin is doing research on what could make a person happy. She really want to find out what is the  meaning of happiness and how can she used it in her daily day life. Rubin have a perfect life, but she still don’t know what makes her happy.  In the article she say that she not real satisfied about her life. That the main reason she creating a happiness project.

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