The Happiness Project

The book The Happiness Project, is written by Gretchen Rubin. Similar to the genre of The Secret  by Rhonda Byrne, this is also a self-help book. Rubin writes about the project that she make for her own about the happiness, and so call “The Happiness Project”. One of the things this book is different from The Secret is that Rubin provides many things about her own life experiences and personal anecdotes in the writing, instead of the words from the experts. By this way, she makes the writing to be more approachable to the readers. In the excerpt of this book, the “PRAISE FOR THE HAPPINESS PROJECT” part in the beginning, it shows the different comments on this book from some readers. Many of those people describe the book by the words such as “honest” “insightful” “fascinating” and “encouraging” etc. All of those comments attempt to give the readers a message of : this is a book that can make you happy. Such Sonya Lyubomirsky once said that ” …Gretchen Rubin has written a book that readers will revisit again and again as they seek to fulfill their own dreams for happiness.”

Rubin states “This book is the story of my happiness project—what I tried, what I learned.” She narrates many of her “particular situations, values, and interests” on different aspects. In the chapter of “MARCH—Aim Higher work”, she talks about the happiness on working. She’s once in the law profession, when she realizes that she actually have the enthusiasm in writing, she then decides to become a writer. There are two sentences that really catch my attention. She states “I love writing, reading, note taking, analysis, and criticism.(Well, I don’t actually love writing, but then practically no writer actually loves the writing part.)” (page 71) This is hard for me to understand. I guess what she means is that she does not like the writing part, which is the writing process, but she likes the writing as a thing, such as she appreciates a piece of writing. In the excerpt of the book, she also spend the chapters to talk about other aspects, such as marriage, money, and happiness. There are many other parts that readers need to analyze in order to understand the deeper meaning that Rubin is trying to convey, but actually the readers may find it interesting to read.

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