Gretchen’s project of happiness

The happiness project was written by Gretchen Rubin. One day she felt she wasn’t as happy as she could be. Dont get her wrong, she wasn’t unhappy, she was very happy but, she new if there was some change in her life, she can obtain full happiness. She had a loving husband, two wonderful daughters and a great job but, she just wasn’t satisfied. Her husband thought she was crazy and he didn’t get why she was starting this happiness project if she’s happy. “”You’re already pretty happy, aren’t you? If you were really unhappy, this would make more sense, but you’re not.” He paused. “You’re not unhappy, are you?”” She said no not at all she is happy but, she has such a good life, that she wants to appreciate it more. So by feeling happier she can behave better. Rubin wanted to see the things in her life for what they actually where and appreciate them whole-heartedly. I think that Rubin invented something very essential for people who are not fully satisfied with their lives and want to exceed in the most happiness they can get out of their lives. But for the people that are unhappy and want to change their lives, can the happiness project still be something they can use. Overall, Rubin wrote a good guideline to becoming happier than you already are.

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