The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project by Rubin Grethcen is an approach to changing your life. its goes by two stages, one is the preparation stage the second is the making of resolutions. its these stages that can help you identify your joy and the things that boost your happiness. The most important thing is keeping your resolutions. The author not only talks about things that can make one happy but she also talks about her happiness.

First the Author¬†Rubin Grethcen¬†starts of with her life and the typical things she does.¬†Then she talks about how one day she suddenly realizes that she isn’t satisfied with her life and she wants to be happier. Midlife Malaise.¬†She then decided to¬†start a Happiness project¬†so she can better appreciate the things she has in¬†her life.¬†” I needed to change the lens through which I viewed everything familiar. ”¬†(page 3).¬†The Author¬†wants to conquer her faults and limitations that¬†are preventing her from fully enjoying her life. and that’s what the happiness project is¬†all¬†about, finding things that can make one happy and the things that can boost you happiness.¬†In the end its up¬†to that¬†person if they want to continue fulfilling they’re happiness.

This book is very interesting because it makes¬†one¬†realize the things in life that can make¬†a person¬†happy and help a¬†person better appreciate their life.¬†The author is not only helping herself but she is helping others find their happiness.¬†“what is happiness?.”¬†Only you can figure it out.

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