“Be Gretchen”

I found it interesting how in her book “The Happiness Project” Gretchen Rubin spoke about her struggle throughout her “project”. It made it seem like she was easy to relate to, she took her readers through her journey. She came up with her own twelve rules that she had to obey and her readers were able to see her progression. Before she started her project she was not miserable she was just under a lot of stress with her husband having hepatitis and her sister having diabetes.  Gretchen took a lot of little things for granted which we all do when we are put under a lot of stress. The only difference is that she chose to make a change. There was a point towards the end of her book where her husband tells their daughter her mother is about to buy something that is going to make her very happy and it only cost five dollars, turns out I was a sponge. It is he little things like that which people should learn to appreciate more. Then she goes on to say that her husband was supposed to call her and her never did, but he sent her an email saying “don’t be mad, see below”, when she first bean the happiness project she was afraid that if she stopped nagging her husband he would stop putting an effort into their relationship but the opposite happened actually. Gretchen put a lot of thought into writing her book, especially with her side notes, it was simple and easy to follow.

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