Trident advertisement


Trident have been categorized for the ideology where the consumers can have a big smile on their faces because according to the product, it makes people’s teeth more white and brilliant. We can see that this advertisement is letting us know different things from it,but we can take the best one or the one that we could interpret better. One of the interpretations that I got from this advertisement is that if we buy Trident we will have a tremendous smile in our faces but also it will makes us happy on the inside because it will make us feel alive and full of energies due to our own smile. another thing that this product is telling to its consumers is that sometimes our days are not how we expected to be and we end up exhausted or in a really bad mood, so if we buy this gum it will gives us a little bit of happiness and joy because of its flavor.

Having a nice smile and a good mood is something that Trident is trying to give to its customers, but the question is how they can do this? well, trident is trying their best to promote happiness to the people, their goal with this gum is to make people feel happy even on their worst days. Also, they are trying to give special care to the customer’s teeth. In some way by helping customers to have  white teeth it is important for them because it will increase their customers but it also will give something good and a type of happiness to the people who consume the gum.



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