Reminder: Happiness Archive 4 due W 10/16 (+ Essay #3 extension/conferences)

I hope that you all enjoyed your day off this week (I’m having a fabulous time in Iceland … when I get back to NYC, I’ll post few photos of the amazing display of the Northern Lights that I saw on Monday night!).

Just a few quick reminders:

For our next class, you should post Happiness Archive 4. As we discussed in class, you should choose an advertisement (make sure to include it in your post, with appropriate citation/attribution) and then analyze it the vision of happiness/well-being it promotes (what does it promise customers if they buy its product?). This blog, like all others, is due the night before class, so in this case Wednesday, 10/16.

As we decided last week together, Essay #3 final draft is not due until this coming Tuesday (10/22). I gave you the extension so that you will have more time to revise your writing. We will hold a writing workshop in-class in class this Thursday and you have the option to come see me individually during my office hours to get additional feedback. Those of you who already submitted your final draft of Essay #3 to Dropbox should remove them and revise further (you can re-submit the updated versions before Tuesday), as you will need to re-think your essay in light of our upcoming in-class writing workshop and individual conferences.

I highly recommend these one-on-one conferences, and as I mentioned last week, I have time to meet this Thursday and Friday (10/17 & 10/18) afternoons. If you would like to schedule a conference to see me, you should schedule an appointment ASAP (but no later than Thursday before class).

Please remember that we are moving forward with ‘The Happiness Project’ reading for next week (you can find this reading in the “Readings” folder of our class Dropbox site, and you must print out the reading and bring it to class with you for Tuesday), and you have a blog due on the reading the night before class on Tuesday, 10/22. Your final draft of Essay #3 is due this day as well (due to the extension we agreed upon together), so make sure to plan ahead.

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