McNuggets Rap.

Although this commercial is seven years old, it still persuades me to get some mcnuggets. Knowing that food makes people happier it was easy to target teens which are hungry most of the time. Teens most likely to listen to rap, now by coming across to this commercial it is easier to remember, and entertaining. I can see why McDonald’s chose these individuals to advertise their food. First,the two teenagers seem very excited to get mcnuggets. Through out the rap McDonald’s askes a rhetorical question in order to convey to the viewers that mcnuggets are delicious and can get you as excited as these to teenagers. Lastly, humor is a very strategic way of getting people’s attention.Through out this humor the commercial can be spread through out the world and mcnuggets will be a happiness to the desires of the viewer.  The mcnuggets rap inspires the viewers, and promotes happiness to the stomach that was once sad and empty.



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