Looking for love? Go to Match.com



I decided to use a ad from Match.com.   When being in love it brings happiness, so I felt this ad was appropriate for this post.  Being that you actually have to buy a membership package to use certain things on the website, it’s using the desire for love to promote their product.  I feel that this advertisement is toying with the emotions of people who really want to find love.  It’s telling people that they will find someone that is their “match”.  How do they know who is a match?  Is it based on what people put in their profiles or do they know who is a person’s soul mate?  Of course, not!  How could they?   The fact that the advertisement guarantees a match without getting to know each and every individual personally and knowing what they want when being in love is wrong.  Knowing that most people are trying to find true love,  how could anyone use that to gain a profit?   The website maybe top rated, but it shouldn’t, not at the expense of others happiness.  I honestly hope that people who use the website don’t get their hopes up if they don’t find what they are looking for.  It gives false hope to the many just because a few people that had success stories,  or fake success stories.


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