iPod & iTunes : Billboard Advertisement

iPod & iTunes : Billboard

iPod & iTunes : Billboard

September 26th, 2009 by Bibhuti

The billboard advertisement is basically trying to persuade people into buyingĀ the iPod. The billboard shows an abundance ofĀ  differentĀ album covers of songs coming out of the device, which makes people think that they can download whatever and how many songs they want to the iPod.Ā The message that it is sending to people is that an individual no longer has to buy albums in order to listen to music. People can now download all the songs that they want to this little device and be able to listen to them whenever they want.Ā  To many people, music brings happiness and relaxation all around the world, it can also in many different ways help people express themselves.Ā  Keeping track of all the albums one may have before they even knew of the iPod can be difficult and has been to some people and that is why the iPod is looked at as being convenient. What also draws people toĀ this advertisementĀ is thatĀ they see all of the songs going into the device which is also very tiny. People do not always want to have something so big and bulky on them all the timeĀ as to where it becomes difficult to move around with them. The iPod is small and light weight which will make even more people interested in buying it. The creators of the billboardĀ are awareĀ that music brings happiness people and they are using that to their advantageĀ in order sell the device to the public.


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