Folgers For This Holiday

For the following assignment, I chose my favorite ad on TV.

Viewing this ad from a very innocent view, it is a Christmas commercial of a brother coming home from West Africa. His sister greets him, and claims that he is her best present. All promoting Folgers coffee.

This ad brings in the theme of family. We see an older brother and a younger sister. We are also introduced the parents of both. This ad also shows that this brother was not present in the household or a long time since he shows that he cannot recognize his sister. The fact that he is coming home to spend the holidays is really heartwarming. It’s something that everyone looks forward to when they do not have their relatives nearby. The whole family looks very happy that the will be able to spend the holidays together.

With this, Folgers is trying to promote the happiness is what this coffee shares with other memories. If this coffee can share these moments with this family, anyone can make this happiness if they have this specific coffee every morning. This ad comes out after Thanksgiving, in time for the holidays. The thought of the holidays rolling around can make everyone happy. The time, and theme, of this ad is very well thought of. Share your happy moments with the sweet taste of Folgers coffee.

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