“Despicable Me 2: McDonald’s Happy Meal Global Commercial 2013”

For this Happiness Archive 4, I chose to analyze the advertisement of the “Despicable Me 2: McDonald’s Happy Meal Global Commercial 2013”. Please click onto the following link to see the commercial video first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh1F70SD0xg

As we can see, McDonald Happy Meal commercials usually use the popular movie characters in the advertisements. For this one, the company uses the Minions, which are the little funny characters in the movie Despicable Me 2. This way, the commercial can capture the audiences’ attention first, and then make the audiences to be interested and attracted to continue to watch it since the Minions act in a cute, funny way with the Happy Meal. That is a way they try to amuse the audiences, and make them buy the Happy Meal. It’s like they are trying to say that: When you have the Happy Meal, you will be happy like the Minions. Also, the commercial says every customer will get a Minion toy of their very own if they buy the Happy Meal. Thus, they are trying to persuade the audiences to buy the Happy Meal since they attempt to make the audiences think about that: we are not just enjoying the meal, but we can also get a gift from it, so it is worthy of buying it. Besides of that, we can also notice that the Happy Meal box is like a smiley face. This will reflect to the name “Happy Meal” because it tends to make the customers be pleasant. So, this McDonald’s Happy Meal commercial is trying to promise customers the idea of : This is a meal that makes you happy. And this is also the vision of happiness it promotes in this advertisement. Actually this is a smart commercial because it can promote both the movie and the Happy Meal to the public, this is a good marketing method of the companies.


image source: http://moresay.com/2013/06/despicable-me-2-happy-meal-toys-at-mcdonalds-starting-july-2013/



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