Derrick Rose advertisement


In this commercial not only is basketball itself being advertised by Derrick Rose, but he is also sending a message about happiness and how basketball means everything to him. Now he does not specifically say basketball brings me happiness but he gives hints saying that basketball means everything to him. He speaks about taking away all of the fame, money and flashy lights and how even at the end of the day all he’s left with is basketball. So what he really is trying to persuade is don’t think about the after effect that could happen just go out there and do what you love to do no matter what it is. Do what brings happiness to yourself and not what brings happiness to others or anything of that sort. Basketball is all Derrick Rose thinks of when he thinks of happiness. So in our predicament it may not be basketball it may be soccer or football or maybe not even a sport it could be food or sleeping or anything else that we can think of. Well, what this commercial is saying is just go do it if that is what really brings happiness to you.

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