Advertisement [JetBlue]

JetBlue ad

Source: Google

This image represents a JetBlue advertisement that is intended to promote happiness for it’s customers. JetBlue Airways Corporation, often simply called “jetBlue” is a low-cost airline. It offers flights to many different destinations, serving their customers with free inflight entertainment (movies, tv shows, news, etc..), free brand-name snacks, and soft drinks. JetBlue focuses on the satisfaction and comfort of it’s customers, which is why people return to their airline when traveling. Although everyone has their own preferences when it comes to airlines, many people choose to fly on jetBlue because of the benefits it has to offer. It’s tickets aren’t as expensive as the other airlines’. It also allows passengers to check in one bag free of charge, with a limit of 50 lbs. On other airlines like American Airlines, customers have to pay for every single bag they carry. These are some of the benefits and ways of promoting happiness that jetBlue has to offer to its passengers/customers.

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