Promoting Happiness With a Happy Meal


(March 6th, 2012, Dale Buss)

This McDonald advertisement promotes happiness by showing that one can eat healthy, while enjoying their food at the same time. In this image, the mother and daughter is smiling because the daughter is having a well balanced meal. This advertisement expresses that one can have a good time by bonding with their child, and buying them a happy meal. The fact that the meal itself is called a “Happy Meal” is indicating that this meal was intended to make people content. This advertisement is extremely eye catching, especially to parents who are serious about their child’s health. It is also beneficial for the parent and child, due to the fact that the Happy Meal is healthy and cheap. Food in general can promote happiness in general by fulfilling one’s hunger, but if it’s both healthy and great tasting, it would satisfy people even more. When one can be happy by providing their child with a cheap, and healthy snack, why not go for it?



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