Checkers Advertisement Of Coupons

CAM00087This advertisement of the coupons is trying to persuade people to use these coupons in their store. First this coupon is saying ” hey the food is fresh and good when you come to checker “In the morning or evening” and “when you come here at night”. Based on  that observation the persuasion is trying to tell people a few things; the food is good, fresh day and at night, and the flavors are very good people should eat here and be more satisfied. The bold print on the coupon is trying to persuade people and get the attention of the readers to actually use there money to buy this food. The ” FREE” In bold is trying to tell people hey its free only with a small purchase of anything you may like. People will feed into this people they want to eat good but also save money,which is ” having the cake and eating it too”. Looking at this  coupon made me want to buy a few things i wanted to eat at the resturaunt. Another thing that I notice is that the advertisement is giving free offers but also making people buy something first. That is good and a very clever to allow people to use there expenses but offer them something in return inorder to further persuade them to spend their money on the food.

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