The Secret

The book The secret by Rhonda Byrne focuses on the law of attraction and how we can achieve the things that we want just by being positive. “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And its attracted to you by virtue of images you’re holding in your mind.” she also says that this “attraction” determines the complete order of the universe and your life. I think the secret and the idea of Law of Attraction so far is misleading unrealistic. for instance Byrne basically says that in order to be happy in life and get the things that you wantĀ you have to be positive about everything. I think that’s false because it depends on the situation and sometimes its hard for people to be positive about everything.Ā I also thinkĀ that the Law of AttractionĀ is too materialistic because it just focuses on gettingĀ THINGSĀ that you want to get inĀ your life. “through this powerful law, your thoughts becomeĀ the things in your life”.Ā Byrne also wants to make it seem likeĀ The Secret has just been unearthed,Ā ands its been around for thousands of years and she uses people like Plato or Socrates to make it seem like they have discovered andĀ usedĀ The Secret to make itĀ credible.Ā I think that the Secret might help some people but I think the book will mostly benefit the wealthy.

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