The Secret By (Dot Dot Dot)

The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne, talks about how the universe is run by something called Law of Attraction. The idea behind this is basically, you think positively or negatively thoughts and you are drawing out the results. The whole book is based on this concept about how to make your life happier with such a thing as Law of Attraction. You control your life with just a thought and that thought would bring you to something you could never have expected.

Through the story, they all explain the fact that you must feel good in order to get good results. Clamming that it is the perfect way in gaining what ever you want, whether it being wealth, or even to be cured my cancer, etc. our thoughts are primarily the cause of everything around us, if we can think it then we send this thought to the universe and sends this new found idea to your feelings. When feeling down, this can bring negative thoughts and is encouraged, starting and thinking happier or a positive out look in life or situation.

In other words, only you rule over your life, only you can bring these things to your self and the most efficient way in doing so is think positively. Don’t always look down in your life, start to pick it up with a thought and progress with unfold its self from there.

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