The secret

Have you ever thought how you can achieve the things that you want without putting a lot of effort and having to work a lot? well the secret has all your answers of how to make your life easier and achieve all your happiness. According to the secret, the law of attraction is something that is connected to your brain, for example, when you have negative thoughts or you are thinking that something might go wrong during the day you are attracting those thoughts into your brain and that’s why some people have bad days or have negative feelings in their lives’but it’s not because they are really having a bad day, it is simply because of the thoughts that your brain has. One of the many examples that the secret has is the one of a man who every time that he checked his mail and a bill appeared he pretended that the bill was a check in order to not worry about the debts and the money; instead he attracted the positive thoughts from his imagination (the ones where the bill was a check with a big amount of money.) Something that attracted  my attention from the secret is on page 14 where it says that the law of attraction do not compute negative words such as “no, don’t or not” and that if you are thinking something like “I don’t that person to be rude at me” the brain takes it as if you want that , so that’s exactly what happens. In other words, your brain interpret what you said in something like “I want that person and more people to be rude at me”. In conclusion, the secret has a lot of information about how to be happy and achieve everything that you want, but as the book said; in order to achieve all what you want the persons needs to be more positive and throw away all those negative thoughts that are passing through their mind.

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